Kansas City ScoutLocated in the heart of the Midwest, the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri (EDCKC) is a recognized economic development leader. With a mission to attract and retain businesses domestically and internationally, the EDCKC serves as a resource and advocate to cultivate the competitiveness of business locating or expanding to the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Serving as a liaison between City departments, businesses and the development community, the EDCKC provides financial and informational assistance, workforce resources, customized research services and more to ensure the City’s strategic economic development and quality job choice for our residents.

The EDCKC also works closely with commercial developers, business owners, real estate brokers and site selectors to navigate the legislative process related to development and incentives.

A 501c4 agency, the EDCKC works with state and local partners and through our seven affiliated statutory redevelopment agencies to provide resources for public investment programs, credits, loans and grants to new businesses, small businesses and expanding companies. The seven agencies include: