Building Stronger Neighborhoods Through Residential Rehab Assistance Program, RAMP

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As all homeowners know, ongoing home upkeep and maintenance can be a burden – financially, physically and emotionally.

Rehabilitation Assistance for Midtown Properties (RAMP) was created in 2000 to help homeowners and multi-family property owners afford repairs – mostly exterior – in the Beacon Hill, Longfellow, Squire Park, Manheim Park and the Midtown service area (see map).

Funded by the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) Commission, the program is instrumental in not just fixing houses, but bringing people together, stabilizing neighborhoods so that individuals and families can sustain ownership, creating lasting connections and at a macro level, building stronger neighborhoods.

Until 2023, when the TIF expires, an annual amount of $400,000 is provided via the City of Kansas City to go toward four main efforts:

  • Single-Family Owner-Occupied Conversions (exterior and life safety updates, 410 have been completed to date)
  • Single-Family Rental Conversion Program (financing to update and sell a home, 10 have been completed to date)
  • Multifamily Rehab (financing to support affordable multi-family updates, 96 have been completed to date)
  • Gap Funding Program (financing for unforeseen expenses for new home construction, 6 have been completed to date)

Nearly 10 applications are currently in review and approximately 20 to 25 more are expected to be submitted in 2019.

Programs like RAMP have had and continue to have a huge impact on neighborhoods, communities and the people they serve.

Visit the Westside Housing website to learn more about the requirements for eligibility, to submit an application, or connect with someone who can answer your questions.