Incentives 101

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Incentives are complex tools and every city has unique challenges. We encourage everyone to understand how they work, and how they impact the success of our citizens, our schools, our workforce and more.

There are many misconceptions swirling about incentives, so here are some facts compiled from a study commissioned by the Kansas City, Missouri City Manager’s Office, completed in August of 2018:

  • The study of economic incentives reveals that from 2006-2015 the City of Kansas City received a positive return on investments made by incentives programs, with each incentive dollar generating $3.83 in additional tax revenue.
  • Average number of jobs created across all industries was 23,430
  • Per capita income increased by an average of $3,906
  • Total personal income increased by an average of $2.29 billion
  • Average increase of $4.75 billion in total business sales
  • Average increase in economic activity of approximately $2.66 billion

If you’d like to learn more, you can read the Economic Incentives Study Executive Summary or the Full Incentives Study and take an active role in helping inform others.