With its growing economy, geographic location, business-friendly environment, low tax rates and innovative public-private partnership programs, Kansas City is an attractive location for companies looking to expand or relocate.

As part of EDCKC’s Business Development team and through a cooperative partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the director of international affairs provides assistance and resources to local and international companies interested in expanding or locating to Kansas City.  Additionally, the director also identifies and assists with import and export opportunities, hosts international dignitaries, helps attract foreign direct investment (FDI) initiatives with the mission to increase cultural and trade ties, capital investment and job creation. 

With help from EDCKC’s international staff additional project assistance including project-specific research, event coordination and navigation of local incentive programs also may be provided. Stay up to date with International Business news by clicking here.

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Kansas City’s Location

International companies have long located to and expanded in Kansas City, Missouri, to take advantage of its central location, easy access to domestic and international markets, abundant land, dynamic workforce, low operating costs and its affordable and efficient utility and fiber infrastructure.

Surrounded by eight contiguous states, including Kansas, the City of Kansas City, Missouri is located in the heart of the United States of America and is in four Missouri Counties – Clay, Platte, Jackson and Cass.

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Narbeli Galindo

Business Development Officer (International)
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