KC-UP Partners with OHUB on New Minority-Owned Business Accelerator

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One of EDCKC’s strategic initiatives, KC-UP, is an inclusion-focused business accelerator driving urban prosperity.

Now, more than a year in the making, the public-private partnership with Opportunity Hub (OHUB), out of Atlanta has come to fruition. The partnership seeks to recreate the success of OHUB in Atlanta, where founder Rodney Sampson focused on leading the future of work, startup entrepreneurship, early stage investment and wealth creation. Collectively KC-UP x OHUB will target inclusive access to the tech, startup and venture ecosystem; in-demand technology education, training and talent placement; and early stage capital.

“This is a celebration of unity, creating a healthier ecosystem within Kansas City, Missouri,” said Jamilah Jones, Business Development officer at EDCKC and a lead organizer of KC-UP. “OHUB is going to hopefully help create generational wealth and wellness of the community members that historically haven’t had the same resources in the world of entrepreneurship.”(Source: Startland News)

OHUB x KC-UP are making plans to open a Kansas City facility in the near future and kicked off a new monthly “Summer Trep Series” last Friday with at least 150+ people in attendance, dedicated to business builders from black and Latinx communities. This month’s event was held at the American Jazz Museum and featured speakers: Sheena Allen, Co-Founder of app-based FinTech startup Capway; Dave Parker, founder of 6-Month Startup; Craig Williams, CEO of My Life; and Rodney Sampson, Executive Chairman and Founder of OHUB. The next OHUB x KC-UP Summer Trep Series event will take place on Friday, August 16, followed by a one-day workshop on Saturday, August 17 with the CEO of my Life, Craig Williams at Pleaxpod. More details to come. 

“This initiative has created a platform where Kansas City’s Black and Latinx entrepreneurial community can be recognized and celebrated on a regular basis,” said Jones. “Companies will be able to interact, learn and grow from each other’s experiences and areas of expertise while gaining national and local resources. Kansas City is on the path to become America’s most entrepreneurial city and this partnership provides momentum to get us there.” (Source: Startland News)

See more about EDCKC’s strategic initiatives here or email jjones@edckc.com to learn more about KC-UP x OHUB.