KCMO Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Launches New Effort to Eliminate Blight

In KC News, Urban Renewal by EDCKC Staff

As part of a bold new plan to eliminate blight and revitalize Kansas City neighborhoods, the Submitted Budget proposes a comprehensive $10 million bond issue to eliminate the City’s approximately 800 registered dangerous buildings over the next two years. The Submitted Budget will pay for annual bond debt service by reinvesting the City’s annual demolition budget of nearly $800,000 and an additional $500,000 that would have otherwise gone to the Police Department. Additionally, City leaders are working on plans to help make it easier and cheaper for residents to purchase dangerous buildings and vacant properties for rehabilitation.

If they expect nothing else, Kansas Citians expect city government to take care of neighborhoods, and this budget, does just that,” James said. “The City Manager and I are fully committed to making sure we have clean, safe neighborhoods today and for the future.”

Interactive maps which pinpoint Kansas City’s dangerous buildings can be found online:

– A digital Heat map of dangerous buildings: http://bit.ly/dbheatmap
– A point map of dangerous buildings: http://bit.ly/kcdbmap
– An interactive way to explore our dangerous buildings data: http://bit.ly/kcdbexplorer

In addition to new initiative to eliminate dangerous buildings, the FY 2016-17 Submitted Budget reflects a significant investment in neighborhood revitalization, code enforcement, staffing, and capital improvements. Highlights include:

– Allocations to fund an assessment of staffing needs at the Kansas City Police Department.
– Funding dedicated to ensuring that more Kansas City residents and business are hired for the City’s contractual work.
– Targeted budget items to support codes enforcement throughout Kansas City.

Funding recommendations for the City’s many departments and programs can be found in line-item detail as part of the FY 2016-17 Submitted Budget, which can be found online at /finance. Kansas City is committed to using data and customer feedback to drive the decisions that will propel the City on the path toward a stronger and more innovative future.

Source: City of KCMO