All of the funds for this program have been distributed to KCMO businesses. Applications are closed at this time.

(Administered by the Economic Development Corporation)

The Kansas City Missouri Small Business Relief Loan Fund will provide funding to help small businesses within the city limits of Kansas City Missouri continue to finance operational expenses during this unprecedented period of economic stress due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Fund allows for low interest rate loans, deferred payments for the first 6-12 months, and extended amortization periods of up to five years. There are no minimum credit score and flexible collateral requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Private, for profit businesses that are considered small as per the Small Business Administration guidelines
  • Small businesses deemed “non-essential” and/or disproportionately impacted by the government-issued public health restrictions. These businesses are generally described as follows: retail, food service, entertainment, personal service, hospitality, healthcare not directly involved in the COVID-19 response, transportation, and fitness industries
  • Based and located in the City Limits of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Employ less than 20 employees
  • Have $750,000 or less in annual revenue
  • Borrower must demonstrate profitability, a positive tangible net worth and show repayment ability
  • Be able to provide income verification (past 6 months of financial statements and past 2 years of personal/business tax returns)
  • Must provide 2 forms of ID
  • Home-based businesses are not eligible
  • Not for political activities, private clubs, financing/ investment companies, or a business in which a state, local or federal elected official, or employee of City has ownership
  • Applicants must provide detail of any Principals or Officers of the Business who have applied for a small business loan in the last 30 days
  • Other criteria may apply

Loan Terms

  • Up to 5-year terms
  • Loan amounts up to $25,000
  • Up to 4.5% Interest Rates
  • Zero interest and deferred payments for the first 6-12 months
  • No minimum credit score is required
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Flexible Collateral requirements

Application Process

  • All funds have been distributed. New applications are not being accepted.
  • For program information questions, call (816-897-0208), or email (
  • Applications will be approved for funding by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, MO
  • Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, MO will process the applications as quickly as possible