WORK HOURS: 8AM-5PM with additional evening and weekend obligations as well as national and international travel requirements.

SUPERVISOR: EDC Board of Directors

SUMMARY: The President & CEO provides leadership for the Corporation, executes the strategic direction of the Board, provides management oversight of all aspects of the Corporation’s activities, and maintains positive and productive relationships with all Corporation partners and stakeholders including the independent Statutory Agencies and the City of Kansas City, Missouri.


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(Other duties may be assigned)

  1. Managing all affairs of the Corporation delegated by the Board of Directors and within the scope of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.
  1. Positioning the Corporation as a leadership organization with a strong and positive brand identity and which is broadly viewed as a capable and significant development partner.
  1. Refining, updating, and executing the Corporation’s Strategic Plan including producing an Annual Work Plan and associated enterprise performance metrics.
  1. Securing sufficient human and financial resources to enable the Corporation to effectively fulfill its mission while growing and diversifying the organization’s revenue base in order to undertake new opportunities and provide stability.
  1. Having in place a comprehensive set of policies and procedures as well as quality control mechanisms to guide the organization’s activities and ensure compliance with all good governance and external statutory, policy and audit requirements.
  1. Providing staff training and development programs to increase professional and personal competencies and offer advancement opportunities.
  1. Communicating and coordinating effectively with all development partners and stakeholders including all independent Statutory Agencies, local, regional, and state development agencies, City of KCMO staff, the City Manager, Mayor and City Council in order to fulfill the Corporation’s mission.
  1. Refining and executing a comprehensive brand identity and marketing program to properly position the Corporation and aid in its business retention, expansion, and recruitment efforts.
  1. Being a persuasive communicator of the Corporation’s mission and services to current and potential customers as well as the public at large.
  1. Utilizing the City’s adopted “Economic Development & Incentive Policy” to guide both business and development project assistance as well as synchronize the efforts of the independent Statutory Agencies. In conjunction with the City of KCMO, proactively identifying “transformational development projects”” which require creative and long-term assistance efforts in order to revitalize selected focus areas and provide business expansion and recruitment opportunities in the city.
  1. Maintaining constant and effective communication and positive relationships with members of the EDC Board of Directors.
  1. Engaging the EDC Board of Directors as allies for specific initiatives in order to expand the impact and effectiveness of the Corporation and its staff.
  1. In conjunction with the City of KCMO, identifying and promulgating annual state legislative initiatives designed to improve the City’s competitive position and its economic development tools.
  1. Undertaking other assignments from the EDC Board of Directors as well as elected City leadership in specific furtherance of the City’s and EDC’s strategic goals and objectives.
  1. Develop systems and metrics to assess the long-term impact of development financing and projects. Enhance reporting and data collection systems within EDC to be responsive to requests for reports from City Council and other stakeholders.
  1. Work with incentive agencies and the City Manager’s Office to develop more consistent processes and procedures for assessing proposals and developing recommendations for incentive needs for new projects, as well as plans for staff to sufficiently support these processes.
  1. Develop strategies for engaging community stakeholders such as neighborhood groups, local school districts, and other relevant parties that may be impacted by new projects in development.
  1. Regularly attend meetings and work to ensure effective agenda-setting and communication, and timely delivery of projects.
  1. Performs other duties as assigned from time to time by the Chair of the Board or its designee.


  1. At least ten years of increasingly responsible experience in economic development in a public agency setting. A minimum of five years of supervisory and management responsibility of professional/technical staff.
  1. A demonstrable track record of business retention/expansion/attraction success in a variety of either organizational or geographic situations.
  1. A demonstrable track record in redevelopment projects of different types.
  1. Multiple project management experience tied to strategic performance objectives.
  1. Broad technical knowledge of: business incentive tools; development financing; land use and planning techniques; economic development marketing; business retention and recruitment techniques; small business and entrepreneurial assistance; and regulatory and legal issues surrounding urban redevelopment.
  1. Broad general knowledge of “state of the art” economic development approaches and associated creative problem-solving.
  1. A deep understanding of the issues confronting urban areas and the central city and best practices employed at the local, regional, state and federal levels to confront those issues.
  1. The ability to effectively work with a broad range of businesses as well as public and private sector leaders and organizations.
  1. Preferred experience in leading organizational change, setting short and long-term goals, establishing new Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”) and objectives, and establishing new organizational culture.
  1. History of encouraging equity in all aspects of the workplace, and a deep commitment to bringing about equitable outcomes throughout the community through the work of the EDC. A high level of communications skills including the ability to engage in effective public outreach, and speak knowledgeably to the press, board, stakeholders, and potential investors.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Planning, Economics, Business or Public Administration, Finance or   a closely related field.
  1. Master’s Degree in the above fields and/or additional economic development training such as CED or EDFP certification is preferred.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: All EDC employees must reside within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri or be willing to relocate within the city in a reasonable time.

SELECTION PROCESS:  The selection process for the position shall continue and remain open until the position is filled.  

SUBMISSION OF RESUMES: Resumes of candidates for the position should be submitted to Rosalee McNamara, Lathrop GPM LLP, 2345 Grand Blvd Suite 2200, Kansas City, MO 64108-2618 or emailed to Please include “Application for EDC President/CEO position” in the subject line or on the outside of the envelope.