Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a financing and development tool that encourages the development of blighted, substandard and economically underutilized areas that would not be developed without public investment. The use of this tool allows future real property taxes and other taxes generated by new development to pay for public infrastructure construction and other improvement costs.

TIF may only be used for redevelopment projects that would not be reasonably expected to occur without the assistance of TIF.  A cost-benefit analysis (“but for test”) must be completed for each project and requires approval by the TIF Commission and the Kansas City, Missouri City Council.  A redevelopment area must be determined by the City or county to be a blighted area, conservation area or economic development area as defined by the Missouri TIF Act and must conform to the general plans of the City of Kansas City, Missouri. 

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TIF Commission

The powers of TIF are exercised by its board of commissioners who are citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, appointed by the mayor or by the other affected taxing jurisdictions.

TIF Commission

Mayorally-appointed TIF Commissioners with the Mayor: (L-R): Jane Brown, Bobby Hernandez, Jeffrey Williams, Tammy Queen, Alissia Canady, Mayor Quinton Lucas, Lee Barnes, Ryana Parks-Shaw, Matthew Oates, Andrea Bough, Michael McGee, Pam Mason

Current TIF Agenda


Revised Performing Arts Campus TIF Plan
Proposed Overlook TIF Plan
Shoal Creek TIF Plan, 18th Amendment
Linwood Shopping Center
Arlington Road TIF Plan, 6th Amendment
Brush Creek Corridor TIF Plan, 9th Amendment
Santa Fe TIF Plan, 3rd Amendment
Winchester Center TIF Plan, 8th Amendment

EDC Staff
Heather Brown
Heather Brown

Executive Director
(816) 691-2109

Janine Pettitt
Janine Pettitt

TIF Administrative Coordinator
(816) 691-2107