The Chapter 353 Program was created to assist in the removal of blight and blighting conditions by providing local property tax abatement to development projects located within a 353 Area.

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Choose the “Layers” drop-down menu in the upper right corner, scroll down to 353 and click on that box (click on “Layers” again to close menu).

Assistance may be provided in the form of real property tax abatement on improvements up to 75 percent for a 10-year period and 37.5 percent for a 15-year period.

To learn if your project qualifies for the Chapter 353 Program, please contact Dan Moye, executive director.

Advisory Board

The administration of the Chapter 353 Program is exercised by the advisory board who are citizens of Kansas City, Missouri and appointed by the mayor.

  • Andrea Bough, commissioner
  • Rob Gardner, commissioner
  • Melissa Hazley, commissioner
  • Tammy Henderson, commissioner
Susan TumeySusan Tumey
Dan Moye

Executive Director
(816) 691-2134

Susan Tumey

Administrative Assistant
(816) 691-2106