The Planned Industrial Expansion Authority (PIEA) offers incentives to encourage investment to remove blight and blighting conditions within PIEA planning areas.

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Project assistance may include:
  • Up to 25 years of tax abatement
  • Sales tax exemption on construction materials during the construction process
  • Power of eminent domain

To learn more about the PIEA, please contact David Macoubrie, executive director.

 Board Members

The powers of PIEA are exercised by its board of commissioners who are citizens of Kansas City, Missouri and are appointed by the mayor.

  • Tom Porto, chairman
  • Ben Pepper, vice chairman
  • Jay Wilson, assistant treasurer
  • Marvin Lyman, treasurer
  • David Macoubrie, executive director/assistant secretary
  • Lee Barnes, Jr., city liaison
  • Kevin O’Neill, labor relations
  • Demona Manlove-Toney
  • Reginald Bassa
  • Amy Bretall, secretary
  • Ronnie Criss
  • James Hernandez
  • Michele Legg
  • Mark Molner

PIEA Staff
David Macoubrie
David Macoubrie

Executive Director and Assistant Secretary
(816) 691-2145

Pam Grego
Pam Grego

Operations Manager / Executive Assistant
(816) 691-2147

Address: 300 Wyandotte, Suite 400 ⋅ Kansas City, Missouri 64105