Eastern Airlines Selects Kansas City for New  Headquarters Location

In Business Development, Jobs by EDCKC Staff

Eastern’s move to Kansas City, Missouri, will create 165 full-time jobs with an average salary  of $96,000

Today, The Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, MO (EDCKC) and its partners announced that Eastern Airlines, LLC (Eastern) selected Kansas City, Missouri, for its new headquarters location.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to growth, innovation and expanding its presence in the heart of the United States.

The company has had a presence in Kansas City since 2021 when it purchased a maintenance, repair and overhaul facility, Alta Aero Technic, LLC, and formed a passenger-to-freighter design company called Foxtrot Aero, LLC. The move of Eastern’s headquarters consolidates all of its operations to Kansas City located at 11500 N Ambassador Drive in Platte County near the Kansas City International Airport.

“Eastern Air Holdings has had a great experience operating two other businesses at MCI, Alta Aero Technic and Foxtrot. Kansas City and its airport have a great legacy in our industry. We did look at a number of cities to rebase our headquarters, but the enthusiasm of Missouri and the city combined with the generous assistance of the Missouri Works program made our decision easy. The new terminal and our experience proved that it is a metropolitan area investing in its future, and we are proud to be a part of the new airport community,” said Stephen Buscher, Eastern Airlines Chief Financial Officer.

Eastern Airlines, with a rich history dating back to 1926, has been a symbol of excellence in air travel for decades. As the airline industry continues to evolve, Eastern is taking proactive steps to position itself for the future while honoring its legacy.

In mid-January 2024, Eastern announced its acquisition of Hillwood Airways and its fleet of passenger and cargo Boeing 737s, adding to its fleet of B767 and B777 aircraft. While Eastern Airlines is a certified 121 airline authorized to offer scheduled service (domestic and international), the company is focused on business-to-business charter operations, with a particular focus on U.S. government work.

“We applaud Eastern Airlines’ decision to relocate to Kansas City and look forward to its growth in the area,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “Our state’s advantages, including a strategic central location, low costs, and skilled workforce, continue to result in investments from leading companies. Eastern Airlines’ new headquarters is a complement to Kansas City’s new airport terminal and another example of our state’s ability to attract businesses that are creating new opportunities for Missourians.”

The decision to locate Eastern’s headquarters to Kansas City was carefully considered and aligns with the company’s long-term vision. The move will boost the local economy, creating 165 new jobs – ranging from maintenance professionals, and pilots, to flight operations personnel – with an average salary of $96,000.

The transition of the company’s headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania, to Kansas City at the end of 2023 was a $4.7 million capital investment.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Eastern Airlines,” said Steven Anthony, Vice President of Business Development at EDCKC. “With a rich history of aviation in Kansas City, Eastern Airlines is a welcomed addition to our expanding economy.”

With a business-friendly environment and a strong transportation infrastructure, Eastern Airlines will benefit from Kansas City, Missouri’s skilled workforce, excellent transportation infrastructure and central location in the U.S.

“Kansas City is an ideal location for Eastern Airlines to establish its new headquarters, offering accessibility to the rest of the country and a strong network of community partners and resources,” said Jill McCarthy, senior vice president of corporate attraction at KCADC. “More and more, companies are choosing KC for their headquarters, and we’re excited to see Eastern Airlines join that growing list.”

The following organizations helped bring Eastern Airlines to Kansas City: State of Missouri; Missouri Department of Economic Development; Platte County Economic Development Council; City of Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City Aviation Department; Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City Missouri; Kansas City Area Development Council; TeamKC Life + Talent; CBRE; Colliers; Evergy; and Spire.