#KCCornerstone Finalist: Fishtech

In Cornerstone Awards by EDCKC Staff

13333 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO 64145

The new $10.2 million Fishtech headquarters has brought new life to a long-time vacant piece of property in South Kansas City. Fishtech is a cloud security company who identifies, benchmarks, and tests next-generation technologies and then partners with those companies by investing its dollars, people, process, and technology to accelerate marketplace adoption.

Their new 20,000 square foot, state of the art two-story building was custom designed by BRR Architecture and A.L. Huber as the General Contractor. The first floor serves as a showroom space, with a large display area, conference room, and kitchen to demonstrate Fishtech’s technology.

The second floor has an open work environment and a covered patio. There are no dedicated offices. Instead, collaborative workplaces with integrated technology encourage the staff to work together to create solutions.   

The exterior form was developed around the concept of contrast: light versus dark, warm versus cool. A white metal panel box is carved out to reveal the interior office environment and sits over a glass structure. Stone blade walls anchor the vertical circulation and serve as a base for the metal box. To drastically contrast the pristine white box, a corrugated zinc panel wraps the back portion of the building.

Selected with intention, the materials create a dramatic inverse at night – the glass glows to reveal the interior, while the white box becomes a contrasting solid. Metal louvers, cantilevers and deep setbacks around the windows maintain clear views to the exterior while controlling heat gain.

Fishtech expects to add 45+ jobs to its Martin City location, however, Fishtech said the new facility can accommodate up to 100 employees if necessary.  Employees have access to an in-house chef, sleeping pods, a heated balcony, and company bicycles, touch screen TVs, full chef’s kitchen, garage doors for vehicle access, a fully equipped stage, and a 10,000-square-foot event space for employee and community events.  

Fishtech’s founder, Gary Fish, said he is looking forward to supporting the South Kansas City community by providing jobs, partnering with local charities, schools, and community organizations, and most of all to be the new catalyst for high-tech innovation in the area.

Please visit Fishtech’s website for more information.

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