Open House with Porter House KC at the 18th & Vine Office

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Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri and The Porter House KC
are proud to announce a new partnership for fostering entrepreneurship in underserved

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (June 22, 2021) - EDCKC and Porter House KC (PHKC) are
pleased to announce the opening of a new PHKC office at 1518 E. 18th Street, in the historic
18th and Vine Cultural District. Since 2019, this location has been an EDCKC office focused on
start-up programs that attracted hundreds of aspiring minority entrepreneurs. Today, with this
announcement, PHKC will be able to add even more programs and services, offering minority
entrepreneurs the knowledge, support and skills they need to start, grow, or transition their
businesses to the next level.

The new PHKC office will also enable them to grow a community of hard working business
owners who are already located in the area. An open house is scheduled at 1518 E 18th Street
on Friday, June 25th from 4-6PM.

“The Porter House KC is grateful for the EDCKC helping us secure this space in the historic
18th and Vine Cultural District,” says Daniel Smith, Co-founder and Principal at PHKC. “This will
allow us to be the growth and development engine for the start ups and small businesses that
we serve,” continues Charon Thompson, PHKC’s other Co-Founder and Principal.

In this location, PHKC will be closer to the businesses that they are helping to grow. The
location will enable PHKC to offer additional resources and programs, including co-working
space, networking opportunities, and education. These resources help accelerate businesses
and add to the business community of KCMO’s east side.

“It’s hard for any entrepreneur to operate in a vacuum,” says T’Risa McCord, Interim President
and CEO of EDCKC. “And it’s even more difficult for minority entrepreneurs who lack access to
the resources that are key to success. For Porter House to be in the heart of 18th and Vine,
where there is a strong Black community, it is a win for us and for all involved.”