The Sprint Mobile Accelerator Launches Head First into Mentor Madness

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In 2014, Sprint opened the Sprint Accelerator in Kansas City, which is home to the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator powered by Techstars, a three-month, immersive, mentor-driven program for ten selected startups. The new class of startup companies are from all over the globe and they have been in Kansas City for over two weeks now. While their first week here included time spent touring Union Station and Boulevard Brewing Company, the business teams have recently been spending less time exploring and much more time networking.

The startups are now one week into what’s called “Mentor Madness,” an intensive, three-week process where the startups meet between 80-100 entrepreneur mentors. The mentors come to the Sprint Accelerator because they want to address the businesses in person, give advice to their teams and then individually meet with each startup company. The companies are also given an opportunity to deliver a business pitch and receive feedback from industry giants who have volunteered to be mentors.


Mentor Dr. Wayne Carter of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute addresses the 10 startup teams.

This mentor madness week helps set the tone for the startup program, as each company is given critiques and feedback on where they should focus the majority of their time and efforts while at the accelerator. For some startups, it’s marketing and better branding; for others it’s perfecting a prototype. Every startup company has different issues to focus on, and the mentor madness program helps them realize what those problems are and how to go about fixing them.


Companies participating in the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator are developing solutions that encompass hardware, software platforms, transformative services, big data and mobile applications.

Meet the new class of startups below:


Alcohoot is a police grade personal breathalyzer with the power of a smartphone, offering a tool that helps you make smarter, more responsible decisions when consuming alcohol.
HQ: New York, NY
Twitter: @alcohoot

Health ID

HealthID is changing how you manage & share personal health information with a simple mobile platform that works with unique HealthID Bands & Cards focusing on medication compliance, chronic disease management and communication of critical information to medical personnel.
HQ: Cranston, RI
Twitter: @HealthIDProfile



Hidrate is a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone to keep you hydrated.
HQ: Minneapolis, MN
Twitter: @hidrate_me


iDoc24 provides Immediate, convenient and accurate dermatological consultation for your skin concerns via your mobile device.
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Twitter: @idoc24



Jolt makes wearable multi-sport head impact sensors to help young athletes play smarter and safer.
HQ: Boston, MA
Twitter: @joltsensor



Ovatemp is a cutting edge mobile fertility platform with app and BBT thermometer that allows women to take control of their fertility. HQ: Boston, MA
Twitter: @ovatemp


Oxie is the first smart, wearable air purifier; empowering users to take control of their air quality without masking their smile.
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
Twitter: @oxieco


Rex Pet Health

Rex is a platform to find the best vet for you and your pet – read reviews, research procedures, compare prices, and schedule appointments.
HQ: Houston, TX
Twitter: @rexpethealth


Social Code

Social Code is an online patient community redefining healthcare through patient engagement solutions that are portable, personalized and participatory.
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Twitter: @socialcode_io


Triomi Medical Solutions

Triomi is the 12-lead pocket EKG; it saves lives, costs, time, and heartache.
HQ: New York City, NY
Twitter: @TriomiMedical


For more information about the Sprint Accelerator program and its mentors, visit the Sprint Mobile Accelerator.