EDCKC Partners with FEC to Connect Job Seekers to Tech Jobs

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As the pace of technology becomes faster every day, solutions for workforce development in IT fields become more and more crucial. A new partnership between EDCKC and the Full Employment Council (FEC) aims to address that issue for the Kansas City region.

EDCKC will become the TechHire Sector Intermediary on behalf of the information technology and financial services sectors for the TechHire grant that is managed by FEC. TechHire is a national network of communities, educators and employers who work together to provide accelerated tech training to unemployed and underemployed. The program includes training in core IT competencies, specific sector training developed by experts in target industries and an 8 to 12-week work-experience activity such as a paid internship or apprenticeship.

As the TechHire intermediary, EDCKC will work closely with the FEC to increase opportunities for job seekers by convening IT and financial services employers to identify entry- and mid-level skill requirements that are in demand, promote the employment of program graduates and identify employers for training and employment opportunities.

Although there are a variety of ways to learn tech skills, there is not equal access to the options. For instance, some people may not have the time, money or support to pursue learning a new skillset. In addition, current hiring practices may screen out those who have the skills but lack traditional degrees. The TechHire initiative aims to level the playing field for tech jobs in three key ways:

  • Working with community partners to introduce or expand training options and provide resources so that more people can access tech training.
  • Partnering with employers by providing tools to help them give job candidates with non-traditional training an opportunity to show they have the skills to do the job.
  • Supporting communities working to build relationships between employers, training providers, job seekers, and other local organizations with promising strategies for expanding access.

Through businesses, educators and communities combining efforts, pathways to a new or better career will open up to people who never had the opportunity in the past and employers in the Kansas City region will have the workforce necessary to compete on a global scale.

We are pleased to have been chosen by the FEC to be a TechHire partner. Stay tuned to learn more about this initiative, or visit feckc.org or techhire.org.

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