New Tax Increase Would Fuel Missouri Roads

In Redevelopment by edckcadmin

Missouri’s roads are in acute need of improvements, and the fuel tax on the Nov. 6 ballot would go a long way to help; in fact, $410 million annually worth of help. By paying an extra two-and-a-half cents a year for four years, the state can raise funds for much-needed construction on our roads and bridges throughout the state.

Economic development depends on good infrastructure. Site selectors and business leaders agree that the state’s aging infrastructure is a roadblock to attracting new businesses as well as conducting business here. According to a Gallup poll, “Site selectors are quick to point to Missouri’s location as a strength – but business owners who operate day-to-day in the state feel aging infrastructure is an increasing challenge for their operations.”

Missouri has the advantage of being in the middle of the map. With easy access to just about anywhere, we are 500 miles from:

  • 43 percent of the US population
  • 41 percent of total US buying power
  • 44 percent of total US wholesale trade
  • 44 percent of all US manufacturing plants
  • Seven of the top 25 international cargo hubs in the US

In addition, Missouri has the seventh largest transportation system. We need to make sure we’re playing to these strengths by maintaining and improving our infrastructure. But right now, we are 46th in revenue per mile when it comes to transportation funding and we have the fourth lowest gas and diesel taxes in the nation, which haven’t changed since the 1990s.

The state set up a special task force last year to study the situation and published a report in January that recommended the state raise $400 million – $500 million for transportation improvements. On the last day of the legislative session, lawmakers passed House Bill 1460 putting the funding measure on the November ballot.

At EDCKC, we think the proposal will have strong support from Missourians. A poll this year found that 87 percent agree there needs to be more infrastructure funding in our state. In addition, Missourians said they would support transportation funding measures that would help make families safer and provide aid to local communities.

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