First Affordable Housing Project Complete in Marlborough Neighborhood

In Incentives and Loans, Urban Renewal by EDCKC Staff

The Marlborough Community Land Trust (MCLT) is a non-profit organization that acquires and develops real estate in KCMO’s Marlborough neighborhood (located on the 8500 block between Troost and Prospect Avenues) to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing to low-income homeowners.

This month, they unveiled their first home renovation with an open house and ribbon cutting by 5th District Councilwoman, Ryana Parks Shaw.

“This is the first volunteer, community-led urban renewal area in Kansas City, to our knowledge, and EDCKC has been a huge supporter. We’re likely to see more neighborhoods adopting the model, which they helped us establish” said MCLT Executive Director, Rebecca McQuillen.

EDCKC’s Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) provided tax abatement to the single-family property, which is the first of many to come – the next house renovation will be ready this spring.

LCRA will continue to support MCLT’s ongoing efforts to increase access to home ownership and safe rentals in Kansas City, which will ultimately lead to wealth generation and stronger, healthier communities.