Industrial Momentum

In KC News by EDCKC Staff

With more than 330 million square feet of industrial space in its footprint, Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding region, ranks as the 15th-largest industrial market in the United States. The area experienced substantial construction growth in 2023 to keep pace with high demand, making it a top contender for future industrial investments.

Economic Tools for Developing Industrial

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of the City of Kansas City, Missouri has the power to issue industrial development bonds (IDBs) to facilitate the financing of qualified business projects within the limits of Kansas City, Missouri. Project assistance may include the purchase, construction, extension and improvements of office buildings, hospitals, retirement facilities, warehouses, distribution facilities and industrial plants including the real estate, buildings and fixtures. The interest on the revenue bonds may be tax-exempt, which results in a lower borrowing cost.

The IDA is the No. 2 issuer of all bonds in the state, having issued over $1.5 billion in revenue bonds in 2019-2022. Learn more about the IDA here.