Our GIS Partner, LOIS, Makes Presenting Sites and Buildings Even Easier

In Business Development, Redevelopment by edckcadmin

When it comes to helping businesses expand in Kansas City and attracting new ones to town, we’re always looking for more efficient and effective ways to get the job done. That’s why we’re excited about the upgrades our GIS database partner, LOIS, has made to its online sites and buildings portal. Owned by KCP&L, we’re lucky to have this efficient and effective, independent resource right here in Kansas City.

Recent research confirms what we’ve known for a while: 98 percent of all site selection searches begin online. In addition to our dedicated website, it’s also important to be listed where site selectors are searching. More site selectors and companies start their searches with LOIS than any other online portal. Why? In addition to offering the most comprehensive listing of properties, LOIS allows for free national searches, makes it easy to compare properties, lets users create folders and generate exportable reports, and doesn’t use tracking software to spy on users. Featuring a new responsive design, LOIS is optimized for any device – even mobile phones and tablets. Being part of the LOIS community ensures the EDC has a presence and is communicating its message to business looking to relocate or expand at the earliest stages of the process.

But LOIS isn’t just for Economic Development Organizations. LOIS also offers solutions for commercial real estate agencies to showcase their listings on their own websites. This is especially important now with the recent closing of Xceligent. Backed by the resources of KCP&L, LOIS is not just the premiere online sites and buildings database, but it’s also on solid financial footing, so it will be around for years to come.

Signing on is easy and migrating your data to LOIS usually takes just a few hours. You’ll have complete control of your data and it will never be shared with or sold it to third parties. Plus, it’s easy to integrate LOIS into your website to showcase your properties.

For these reasons, along with the excellent utility of the site, we’ve been pleased with using LOIS. To learn more about LOIS, visit locationone.com.